Close the Loop

We help brands access consumer demand and target closed-loop promotions to the exact right consumers.
This new paradigm unlocks unprecedented value like social referrals, personalized promotions and consumer insights.

Get segmented, real-time visibility on consumer demand for your product

Get turn-key execution of promotions, for faster and better consumer engagement

Drive authentic consumer reviews and deep insights on-demand

We're able to deliver extraordinary value from closed-loop promotions, proven over a 2 year testing period of 200+ campaigns across CPG categories.


User Click rates for promotions invite emails from swaggable
(CPG industry avg is 8%)


of Users Write & share Reviews on swaggable after trying promotions
(industry avg of 1-2%)


of users who rated 4-5 stars mention buying after trying
(unprompted & unincentivized)

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The Magic Behind Swaggable

We've spent over 2 years building a better way for brands and consumers to connect through what really matters: product experiences. Our platform is the most effective way to close the loop around product trial experiences, creating a win-win solution that both consumers and marketers love.

The unique strength of our system is our ability to get far better consumer data, which is provided directly by our users. Everyday our users tell us about themselves, their needs and preferences because we use it to help them discover new relevant products.

This stream of rich data fuels our ability to match consumers and their demand with better promotions from brands who are looking to reach them.

Deep Targeting Options

We have a targetable base of 4.2 Million user personas reaching into extremely specific areas. These targeting options are powered by our ability to efficiently refine user actions into structured data, providing our clients the depth and breadth they need to reach their ideal shoppers.

Target users with specific preferences in your category, like flavors, scents, etc. 300+ options!

Target consumers who want your product.

Target consumers near specific stores of retailers you care about.

Demographic options like family status, age, dwelling needs, etc.

Behavioral targeting options like sharing, technology habits and review quality.

Re-targeting options based on your past campaigns, helps to build refined targets over time.

Better Promotions for a Digital World

While advertising has already made the leap into the digital age, its' below-the-line cousin, promotions, remains stuck in the old school. Targeting and fraud risk are still major concerns, and measurement is still unreliable.

More Flexible and Nimble Campaigns

In today's fast-paced market, being forced to commit to big budgets and campaign sizes, can be a serious liability. Swaggable offers very small campaign minimums, allowing you to test and adjust your tactics as needed.

It's Promotions As A Service

Executing promotions campaigns can be a serious drag on your team. To get targeted reach, you need to juggle logistics amongst different vendors and then match bad data, post-campaign. Say goodbye to the pain of logistical operations and let us take on everything from audience recruitment to fulfillment and measurement. All in one place.