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Our platform uses social data and technology to build a better bridge between consumers and new products.

Consumers tell us who they are and what they like, allowing us to target them promotions for the right products. Sign-up now and get your new products in front of consumers on Swaggable for free!

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  • Real-time Consumer Demand

    see demand from consumers who are interested in your product

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We’ve made it incredibly easy for marketers of new products to sign-up and start seeing benefits immediately.

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Sign-up to add free product profiles for your new product launches and introduce them to consumers on Swaggable. As your product profiles go live, consumers “want” your product, letting you see demand for your product.

Step 2: See demand & drive promotions

You’ll get real-time analysis of this demand with segmentation analysis to help you identify opportunities. You can drive targeted, pay-for-performance promotions to target consumers by persona-type, location, demand and more.

Step 3: Generate content & insights

After consumers try your product, they’ll be prompted to write a review of your product on Swaggable. This generates valuable review content and authentic referrals, as well as robust consumer insights.