What are some consumer packaged goods marketing predictions for 2017?

What are some consumer packaged goods marketing predictions for 2017? by Adnan Aziz Answer by Adnan Aziz: I’ve got 1 crazy prediction and a few safe ones to follow. Let’s live dangerously and start w crazy. Amazon is going to … Read More


A Data Driven Answer to What Consumers Actually Say & Feel about GMO’s

If you read our most popular blog post to date, Data Safeway Buyers Crave, but Few Brands Provide, you know that data supporting WHY a consumer behaves/buys is paramount in successfully launching a brand – sales, distribution, marketing, R&D and more. … Read More


Data Safeway Buyers Crave, but Few Brands Provide

Do you want to see your product on Safeway shelves? Or maybe you’re already on the shelves, but you’re worried about staying there. To help resolve these worries, I talked with Andrew Borella who was the youngest Category Director in … Read More

Consumer Demand

Brands With the Most Consumer Demand on Swaggable

We have hundreds of brands on Swaggable, of which thousands of consumers indicate their preferences for every day. I thought you may find it helpful to take a look at the companies that consumers are flocking toward. The list below … Read More

3 Low Budget Research Tools Every CPG Marketer Should Know

according to the Catalina New Products and The Pivotal Consumer Report. This staggering statistic makes us all ask, “How do we hone in on that 1.5%, then find more of them?!” With the ever-increasing information on the web, identifying your … Read More


What’s Hot For Target Buyers and CPG M&A

As we move closer to Expo East, we all have different goals going into trade shows. There’s one in common though; we all want to stand apart and get noticed. Want to strike a distribution deal with Target? We spoke … Read More

Get Distribution

3 Counterintuitive Tactics to Get the Best Distribution for Your New CPG Product

Do you have someone on your team that has experience getting over 2,800 brands in front of 15,000 stores? If you do, you probably don’t need to read this. For everyone else out there, we talked with Adam Sah, an … Read More


The Shocking Ad Block Report That’s Making Waves & What it Means

A few days ago, Mark Scott of the New York Times, published an article titled, “Study of Ad-Blocking Software Suggests Wide Use.” Then just today, a second follow-up piece came out from Farhaad Manjoo. The topic at the heart of … Read More

How to Sample Your Products Without Losing a Dime [Spreadsheet Included!]

Ever wonder how Inspired Beauty Brands, Yes To or others go from a small independent brand to become an industry titan? Today, we’re in luck – I spoke with Nimrod Basri, a founding employee of Yes To and current CEO … Read More