How it works

We’ve closed the loop between consumer demand and personalized promotions, creating a win-win for both consumers and brands.

Permission-Based Data

Users join to discover new products and actively help us understand their preferences and needs.

Personalized Discovery

Brands see demand and target promotions on our platform with unique tracking.

Actionable Demand

We’re able to close the loop on each promotion, generating measurable value

Circle of Swag

Personalized discovery drives incredible engagement.

150,000+ Users

Our users love discovering. 88% of them accept promotion invites within a day

5,000,000+ Wants

Everyday, consumers on swaggable save 10,000 Products to their want lists.

85,000+ Reviews

Swaggable promotions generate an incredible 65% Review Rate (100x the industry average)

Connect with Actionable Demand

Swaggable brings together consumers and brands in a simple and easy platform. By creating a experience where consumers are comfortable that delivers more effective marketing for brands.

Online Coupon Codes

Target online coupon codes to drive direct sales. Integrations with most shopping platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon Seller.

Product Samples

The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to generate reviews, social referrals and actionable purchase intent. Get more out of your product samples.

Manufacturer Coupons

Drive offline sales via coupons mailed to interested consumers. Use retailer targeting options(store-level) to drive sales velocity where and when you need it.

Innovative brands use Swaggable

Manitoba HarvestBeyondMeat_logo_cmyk_newRock Your HairSmarty PantsNumi TeagreenbarkgummiesWaxeleneBarefruit Snacks
"Since our product is new and unique, engaging interested consumers in niche segments is critical. Swaggable's ability to find and reach our ideal customer has been incredible and the insights from reviews have helped us identify new segments along the way."
Sarah PellandSocial Media & Marketing Manager, Manitoba Harvest


Questions you might be asking yourself

How do campaigns works, what is the minimum campaign size?

Swaggable campaigns use 3 different types of promotions: product samples, in-store coupons(manufacturer) and online coupons. We make it easy to setup promotions options by connecting to shopping carts for online coupons, or choosing fulfillment options for samples and coupons.

It’s easy to use or setup a fulfillment/shipping option that’s best for your business. With no minimums, it’s easy for brands to test us out, see the valye and then decide on using a 3rd party vendor. We’re happy to connect brands with a preferred vendor. And in many cases, like smaller companies, or CPG sales teams, it’s helpful to drive a quick 10 targeted trials to generate reviews, in a flash. I guess, what we’re saying is that, there are options;)

Sign-up to access a world of capabilities to engage consumers, generate reviews and drive sales.

What are you targeting options and how do I use them?

Swaggable has the deepest targeting options in the marketplace, because unlike ad-networks our data is user provided, permission-based data. This provides data that is more accurate, more up-to-date and more specific.

Our system refines data from their actions and submissions into a structured graph of user attributes we call personas. There are over 20,000,000 targetable personas on swaggable from our base of approximately 150,000 users. Personas have different types, such as: category preference, demographic, geo-context, nearby stores and product demand (own products only).

Brands use these personas to build target groups, to help them filter their demand and in targeting their promotions from the campaign builder in the platform.

Is my company a good fit for Swaggable?

Swaggable is focused on helping B2C brands engage and sell to their target consumers in the U.S. Outside of certain restricted categories (alcohol, tobacco, etc), if you market to consumers, it’s likely your target market will find you here.

We don’t work with 3rd party resellers but do welcome agencies on behalf of their brand clients (please signup with an email address on your clients domain, otherwise, we’ll need quick confirmation from the brand).

If you have additional needs or questions, or are interested in partnering with us, please feel free to reach out to us at

How do I get started?

It’s simple: Add product pages for the products that you want to market and then add the personas for the target market you’re hoping to reach. Finally, add the retailer(s) where your product is sold. After this, you’ll be able to see relevant campaign opportunities in the engage tab per each product.