Demand driven marketing delivers insanely good results.

150,000+ Users

Our users are very engaged, 88% of them accept promotion invites within a day

4.7 Million Wants

Everyday, consumers on swaggable save 10,000 Products to their want lists.

85,000+ Reviews

Swaggable promotions generate a blistering 65% Review Rate (roughly 100x average rates)

This changes everything.

Use the power of demand to unlock capabilities you always wanted.

Understand Demand

Get insights into your demand across retail locations, demographics and preferences, all to help you hone in on your target market.

Personalized Promotions

Our targeting and tracking helps you get better promotions to the right consumers, without concerns.

Drive Reviews

Experiences fuel the power of reviews and referrals, and our users love sharing their experiences. If you need to drive review content for your new product, or increase shopper reviews in specific regions, we’ve got you covered.

Generate Sales

Target consumers with promo codes to drive sales to marketplaces like amazon, or even your own ecommerce site.

Powerful Promotions Options

We offer closed-loop promotions options to help you transform consumer demand into measurable value from reviews and referrals down to actual sales.

Product Samples

Drive trial to key consumers, generating reviews, purchase intent and referrals.

Online Promo Codes

user-specific, single-redemption promotions codes to drive measurable sales

In-store Coupons

target interested consumers who live near stores carrying your products

Innovative Brands Use Swaggable

"Since our product is new and unique, engaging interested consumers in niche segments is critical. Swaggable's ability to find and reach our ideal customer has been incredible and the insights from reviews have helped us identify new segments along the way."
Sarah PellandSocial Media & Marketing Manager, Manitoba Harvest