Walmart adding ‘pickup discount’ to 1M online-only products

One of the biggest challenges facing retailers regardless of whether they are online only or have physical locations, is price. Consumers will always try and buy for the lowest price, which means profit margins are cut ever thinner to try and be competitive. … Read More

The Next Gold Rush: Moving From Selling Physical Products On Amazon FBA To Collecting Royalties

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post is from my dad Jason Wilkey. He is the one who got me started down the FBA path and has since got me started in Merch by Amazon. Over the past year, he has expanded his print on demand spread and is now making bank passively through these sites. … Read More

Shopping lists created in Google Assistant will no longer be saved to Keep starting April 10

Starting on April 10th, Google Assistant’s shopping list will no longer save items to Keep. Following a notice that users have seen in recent days, the list functionality will be moved into Google Home and Express to better integrate with the former device’s ordering and delivery feature. … Read More

Great Read > Decluttering? Yes, There’s an App

When Charles Carlini, a jazz impresario, moved recently, he confronted two decades of furniture and accumulated memorabilia — duplicate copies of signed books, vinyl LPs, reams of publicity photos, a CD rack from Tower Records. … Read More

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Great Read > Why Shopify Inc (US) Shareholders Have Nothing to Worry About

There’s an interesting paradox happening right now surrounding Shopify (NYSE:SHOP). The company — which provides a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to establish an e-commerce presence — has been in the cross hairs of protestors, led by the group SumofUs. … Read More

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Great Read > 2017 IPO Prospects: Instacart Getting Ready To Deliver On The Stock Exchange

After Snap’s successful IPO, analysts believe that Instacart may now be next on the table. It has partnered with more than 135 chains for service in 35 markets. … Read More


Great Read > Amazon pulls and other Quidsi apps from the app store

At the end of March, Amazon announced it was planning to shut down and all the other e-commerce sites operated by Quidsi – the company Amazon acquired for $545 million back in 2010. However, it didn’t offer any details as to when those sites would eventually shutter their doors. … Read More